Stella had her first febrile seizure while we were on our very first family vacation back in 2014.  It was the scariest time of our lives not knowing what was going on and being so far away from home. In July of 2015, Stella had 3 unprovoked seizures which is when she was diagnosed with Epilepsy and began medication.  That was a difficult time as giving your child medication is scary not knowing what side effects they may cause. Luckily, she had none and took the medication without much of a fight. Over the years, she’s had a few breakthrough febrile seizures (which are always terrifying and will never get easier to watch her go through).  Fevers in our home cause a lot of stress and worry.  This past year an EEG revealed that she now is having Absence Seizures (staring seizures). We were praying that she would outgrow seizures all together, but now they have transformed into a different kind, which we knew could happen.  The past few months have been hard on her as we’ve had to increase her medication a few times and she’s had several EEGs to see if it’s helping.  Medication change is not something we want to do, but if her current one isn’t keeping her seizures at bay, then it’s a necessity.  Through all this, Stella has been nothing short of amazing. She pushes through and is determined to keep learning and growing and proving to the world that she can do anything.   Our little Stelly Bean has certainly moved mountains already, and will continue to move more 💜


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