The Family Resource Network (FRN) is dedicated to offering individuals and their families with continuing needs the greatest opportunities, resources and services to support a full and happy life. In 2013, .96 cents of every dollar donated to FRN went directly to programs and services to support families in NJ.

Introduced in September 2004, The Family Resource Network is a comprehensive family-focused human service organization. It was created as a result of the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey's tremendous growth in serving a broad spectrum of disabilities. Core services provided by FRN are after-school care, employment, information and referral, in home respite, legislative advocacy, and recreation/socialization.

The Family Resource Network is comprised of three affiliate organizations including: Autism Family Services of New Jersey, Caregivers of New Jersey and Epilepsy Services of New Jersey.

By supporting one of our fundraising events, you will enable The Family Resource Network to continue to provide and expand its menu of services and make an impact on the lives of many.